Michael Douglas Walks Back Oral Sex Comments And Naomi Campbell's Protégé Sacked

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Michael Douglas sparked a media frenzy when he claimed that his throat cancer was caused by HPV, which was contracted during oral sex. The Gossip Table has learned the actor failed at an attempt to have a PSA moment when he spoke to Marianne Garvey's team while being honored by the American Cancer Society. His wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, was a no-show at the event and has provided no comment on the story. Looks like someone's not too happy about the HPV flap.

Find out what Douglas had to say, and more on Naomi Campbell's ongoing relationship drama with her ex-boyfriend and protégé Luo Zilin, after the jump!

"I simply, to a reporter, tried to give a little PSA announcement about HPV, a virus that can cause oral cancer, and is one of the few areas of cancer that can be controlled and there are vaccinations that kids can get," Douglas told the New York Daily News. "So that was my attempt."

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In Naomi Campbell news: The Gossip Table has learned that the model's ex-boyfriend, Vladimir Doronin, was spotted canoodling with Luo Zilin, a former contestant and protégé on The Face, while partying in Ibiza. Delaina Dixon confirmed that Zilin is now out of the job and was fired by model management company, MIX Model Management NYC. (No cell phones were harmed in the firing of Zilin.)