Sky Gleefully Stirs Up Trouble Between Tiffany and Dutchess in the Black Ink Crew' Sneak Peek

"Right now, I'm trying to be cool and see what Dutchess is like. Maybe she's not the raggedy stank b--h of Black Ink and someone else is."

Sky is not one to hold to her tongue, at all.

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Tiffany has been talking so much ish, so Sky challenges her to say it all to Dutchess' face in this Black Ink Crew sneak peek. Ever since newbie Tiff stepped on the scene, Sky hasn't been feeling her, but it's not for no reason. Between the fights in the shop and the Dutchess slander, the way Tiffany moves is funny according to Sky. Now that Dutchess is actually in the shop, Sky asks her to talk all that slick talk she was saying before about Dutchess. Tiffany claims it was all taken out of context and realizes she may have been mistaken of who the "stank b---h" in Black Ink actually is.

Them's fighting words. By the look in Tiffany's eyes, you already know it's going to be beef.


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