6 Things You Never Knew About Nikki Mudarris

Nikki is fluent in another language?!

A self-proclaimed boss, Nikki Mudarris, AKA Miss Nikki Baby, gets people talking with her memorable body and keeps them hanging around with her style and quick wit but what else do we know about this beauty?

You’re in luck, we’ve got some facts you definitely never knew about the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star, like did you know she had beef with Masika Kalysha way before the show? Find out why now!?

Nikki is of Italian, French-Moroccan, and Arabic descent

Her father is Italian and Arabic while her mom Marcelle is Moroccan.

Nikki is a graduate of the University of Southern California

The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood starlet graduated from USC with her bachelor's in business.

Nikki dated NBA player Austin Daye

Nikki dated the Atlanta Hawks forward for three years and they were seen again together recently after she broke up with Mally Mall. Nikki even claimed in an interview that former cast mate Masika Kalysha and she had beef long before Love & Hip Hop Hollywood because Masika was into Daye.

Nikki is fluent in Spanish

¿Quien Sabe?

Nikki is friends with Basketball Wives LA cast member Angel Brinks

Nikki and the fashion designer go way back with Nikki even modeling for Angel way back when. At the Basketball Wives LA reunion, Angel said she started taking Nikki to the clubs when they were young and at the Love & Hip Hop reunion, Nikki wore an original Angel Brinks dress.

Courtney Love got her start working at Nikki's family's strip club

Nikki's family has quite the legacy in the burlesque and stripping world. The family's club The Body Shop was even name checked by Motley Crue in their hit song "Girls, Girls, Girls" and is where many aspiring artists (like Courtney Love) got their start.