Momma Dee Calls For Fans To Participate In The #InThatOrderChallenge, Only If You Have What It Takes

She's in her Birkin!

Look what Joc done, started y'all.

Momma Dee has been cozily coasting since the release of her song "In That Order" and now she's taking it one step further. Since she's dropped her feel good single with the help of her mentor Yung Joc, Momma Dee has been traveling all over the world, having fans show out how they give it up #inthatorder.

Due to the overwhelming support of the video, Momma Dee came up with the In That Order Challenge, giving fans a chance to win a special prize for participating. In her call to dancing, Momma Dee writes:

In that Order was such a BIG HIT that I had to give the people of the world a second version so that people can really get into the groove of it! @joclive So today I'm creating the #InThatOrder Video Challenge: Repost your best and funniest version of my dance moves from my HIT Single #InThatOrder and I will personally call you and answer 1 Question you have about Life, Love, Money, Family and you know I'm going to keep it ALL THE WAY REAL!! Please tag your friends and repost using my hashtag #InThatOrder and #MommaDee for me to be able to see them. Thanks to everyone who continues to support me and my journey thru the world!! I am honestly just a woman trying my best to make all my dreams come true before my time on earth comes to an end and #InThatOrder Love u guys!! #MommaDee

So far, y'all are going in:

And of course the Queen:

If you're not a dancer, remixes fly too:

You see how Momma Dee goes in, so you can too! Seriously, send in your submissions on Instagram and hashtag #InThatOrder. Momma Dee always shows love!