Remember Benzino's Baby Boy? Well, He's Now the Most Adorable Chef You've Ever Seen!

Look out, Master Chef Jr.!

Are you ready to be bombarded by an abundance of cuteness? 'Cause if you aren't, you may want to brace yourself for this awww-filled, "OMG" overload.

Remember Benzino's baby son with Althea, Zino? Well, he's not a baby anymore. This handsome tiny man is the most adorable little chef to ever bless a kitchen. Rocking a red and white checkered apron with the hat to match, Chef Baby Zino walks his audience through some very simple recipes. Want to know how to make a mini-pizza? Chef Baby Zino got you!

Don't worry, folks. His parents are there every step of the way. Chef Baby Zino knows the hot oven is dangerous, so you need to be careful!

If you're feeling for dessert, Chef Zino lays out exactly what you need for to make perfect s'more!

Looks so yummy in the tummy!

We can't wait to see what Chef Baby Zino whips up next! He's a natural.