Video Surfaces of Amina Returning to New York and Meeting with Tara

Don't call them sister wives!

Buckle up because she's back in the Apple. Amina Buddafly, who as of April 2016 said she had moved to Los Angeles indefinitely, was caught on camera in New York City with none other than Tara Wallace.

In the new video, shared by The Shade Room, the women, who both have multiple children with Peter Gunz, are pictured stepping out of a car with Tara holding a baby, seemingly Amina's daughter Bronx. The person filming the video suggests that the conflict between the ladies is really just for TV. This all come on the heels of Peter setting up play dates between the children.

Back in March, Amina told that she had moved to LA and was not with Peter, saying, "All I can say is right now, at this moment, Peter and I are not together. I’m in LA and he’s in New York and we don’t live together and we’re not in a relationship, but are we done for good? Only time can tell."

In late June, posted a meme that many thought was a subliminal message towards Amina. She followed that up with a date with Peter in New Jersey.

Back in 2015, Tara told that since Amina gave birth to baby Cori that she was just trying to move forward, "Our children are siblings, so that's not going to go anywhere now."

Do you think these two will finally bury all the drama and be cool? Who is with Peter now, if anyone?