10 Celebrity Kids Who Are Wallowing In Struggle Bands

Sometimes having a famous last name doesn't pay off.

As the offspring of a celebrity, it can be pretty difficult to carve out a niche for yourself— especially when it's a career path centered around being in the public eye. One would think growing up around the spotlight would cause many of these celeb kids to fall back from fame.

As if making it in the music biz isn't already a difficult task, having a famous last name can sometimes make things even harder. But despite this, many kids from legendary households have attempted to take on this challenge. As you can imagine, the success stories aren't very abundant. We rounded up some celebrity seeds whose legendary lineage can't protect them from the struggle.

Chet Hanks

When he's not being offensive with his choice of words, Tom Hanks' son Chet is being offensive with his music. The universe is all about balance so it would be unfair for Tom Hanks to be an all-time great actor AND have a dope rapper for a son.

JoJo Simmons

You gotta give this kid some credit for having the gall to follow in the footsteps of his legendary father, Rev Run. Although JoJo has gotten better through the years, the minor rap success of his brother Diggy has overshadowed his efforts. It can't be easy having two rap shadows to conquer.

Cisco Adler

With "Corona And Lime" charting as high as 23 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart, it's hard to call Cisco Adler's music career a struggle. The dude is musically inclined and talented to some degree, but with pops Lou Adler being a Rock & Roll Hall of Famer — it's hard to compare.

Taz James

It's not a secret that Rick James was quite the wild man, and by the looks of Taz James the apple may not fall too far from the tree.

Brooke Hogan

As the daughter of wrestling legend Hulk Hogan, Brooke chose the studio booth over the squared circle. Her debut single in 2006 sported a verse from the then-hot Paul Wall and production by the then-rich Scott Storch. All of the trimmings couldn't have saved Brooke's music career, and she would eventually join her father in the family business as part of TNA Wrestling in 2013.


Why is a guy who has sold millions of singles and has a Super Bowl half time show in his credit mentioned? Simple, when your father is Berry Gordy then much more is expected, musically. But as the old adage goes, "Don't hate the player, hate the game"— and Redfoo has made a hefty chunk of change playing the game to a tee.

Gab Day Lewis

How excited do you think Daniel Day-Lewis was when his eyes landed on this filth? Could you imagine making a career as a stellar actor, only to have your son possibly destroy your legacy with just one song? Also, why is he wearing an Africa medallion?

Young Dirty Bastard

There will obviously never be another Ol' Dirty Bastard— that man was one of one. But Young Dirty Bastard is attempting to keep his father's name alive in his own way. His rhymes could use some work but you could tell he got his unpredictability and fearlessness from his pops.

Rich Hilfiger

Hip hop helped establish Tommy Hilfiger as one of the go-to brands in the '90s. Fast forward some years later and Hilfiger's son Rich is trying to establish himself as a rapper. If he keeps churning out songs like this one — then he's going to have to quit this day job.

Lil Eazy

Lil Eazy has been doing his rhyming thing for a while now, having recorded songs with everyone from the Game to Bone Thugs N Harmony. It surprising that he's not starring as his father in the upcoming NWA biopic, especially since the role of Ice Cube will be played by his son.