Will You Be Buying The New SouljaBoy Video Game Console?

Sadly, he didn't name the game console the SouljaBoy.

Gone are the days of rappers just rapping, because these days, everyone's got a side hustle too. The cast (past and present) of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood is slowly morphing into a group of cutting edge CEOs. Case in point, Soulja Boy has just announced the release of a brand new video game console called, um, the SouljaGame Console. That's right, you can now ride a Raytronik's Scoot-E-Bike to pick up your Soulja Boy Console.

Apparently, he's been planning on starting a career as a tech CEO for a while and he couldn't be more ecstatic with the support he's receiving.

He's ready to dream big and is looking for fans who want to be apart of helping him achieve his dream.

It looks like people are excited for their new games and to support Soulja's new endeavor.

But not everyone is not exactly screaming stacks on deck the halls this holiday season.

Either way, we wish him the best but do agree that there were some missed marketing opportunities with this one.

Soulja should be prepared for all of the work that goes into starting a company. Luckily, he can look to Ray J as an example, to how to overcome some of his foreseeable obstacles, like how leaving your fiance stranded when she doesn't like your new billboard is not the best idea.