Did Paparazzi Cross the Line in Selling Photos of Bruce Jenner Wearing a Dress?

Absolutely yes they did.

Yes. Yes they did.

As anticipation builds for Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer on April 24th, where Jenner has reportedly chosen not to wear clothing that is particularly identifiable as “female” clothing, photographers have been on a mission to be the first to capture the Olympic athlete in a more feminine manner of dress. They have apparently sought to do this by any means possible — including taking photos of Jenner at home, in their own house on their own property, just having a cigarette on their porch. TMZ reports Jenner called the police on Tuesday after multiple run-ins with the photographers.

The New York Daily News first posted the images which were then shared on CNN. We will not be including the images as they are a gross invasion of privacy, and yes, we know how that sounds in any story about the Kardashian family. But this specific area feels different. The spectacle being made by the media since day one, the mockery Jenner has faced for this still alleged transition, it’s mean and ugly and has far-reaching consequences for other trans people.

So did the paparazzi and the Daily News go too far? Yep, they sure did.