What Are The Oddest Ways Artists Are Releasing Their Music?

Flaming Lips

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Wu-Tang Clan

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Mos Def

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Jack White

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Nine Inch Nails

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Mayer Hawthorne

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As the Wu-Tang Clan prepares to release a new album, the group's unconventional dissemination plan is getting more attention than the fact that new music is on the way. The venerable hip-hop collective is creating one pressing of its LP, with the single copy being presented to fans as a traveling museum exhibit.

As novel as that strategy may be, members of the Wu aren't the only artists who've tried to one-up the industry by playing around with standard distribution methods. Who else has gotten creative with album formats?

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Jack White played around with vinyl, releasing a 7" single inside a 12" record. Watch the clip above to see him explain the concept.

If you think that's outside of the box, browse through our gallery to see even more outrageous ways music artists have tried to release their tracks.

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