Drew Elliott Interviews the Contestant Whose Confidence Only Caused Conflict in This 'America's Next Top Model' Exit Interview

"Confidence was never your problem, conflict was."

This week on America's Next Top Model, the sixth girl eliminated from the competition had us worried that Tyra was going to have to bring back this iconic piece of Top Model history.

Except replace the name Tiffany with the name of the contestant who had an attitude that rubbed the judges the wrong way from the very beginning of the competition...

Christina Anderson-McDonald came into the competition with a "I didn't come here to make friends" attitude that immediately made the judges uncomfortable. Though she stayed in the competition for quite a while before her 'tude got the best of her, the 34-year-old's cockiness and unwillingness to learn ultimately got her sent home.

Christina blames stress in the model house and misunderstandings for her departure, but also explains that she found it hurtful that she was told she needed to wear makeup in her final judging. When Drew responds that what they say on the panel is "never meant to be hurtful, it's meant to be helpful," Christina isn't really buying it. "No one's ever told me that before. My skin in flawless, I have zero pores...I'm still waiting for my beauty campaign which I expect to be happening really soon."

Drew jokes, "Well, confidence was never your problem, conflict was." And Christina knows that her attitude and the way that she presents herself is effecting her career. "Maybe the reason why I haven't gotten as far as I should be in my career right now is because I don't represent myself in the way that I should."

To see the moment Christina was sent home, watch the highlight below. Tune in to America's Next Top Model on Tuesdays at 8/7c to see who's next to kiss the competition goodbye!