Jake Gyllenhaal and Jimmy Fallon Couldn't Stop Laughing During This Totally Absurd Sketch

The bromance is real.

Some of the best sketches from The Tonight Show have been ones where host Jimmy Fallon breaks character—and that's just what happened last night.

Special guest Jake Gyllenhaal and Jimmy got together last night for a "throwback" sketch. The sketch took place in the '80s at a police department, the Point Pleasant Police Department, and featured Jake and Jimmy as cops. They weren't just any cops, though. They were cops who couldn't stop spitting on each other.

Jake and Jimmy tried to outdo one another by literally spitting up all kinds of food on each other, and judging from the name of the police department alone (all those p's) you can imagine how that went. There was no real spitting winner because ultimately, both failed to keep a straight face. Hilarity ensued.

Watch Jake and Jimmy totally lose their composure in the Point Pleasant Police Department sketch below.