Jackie Had Sex On The Brain More Than Usual This Season

"You know when you’re little and you know your cousins and your girlfriends and stuff you might’ve humped a little bit."

You don't have to be a Basketball Wives LA superfan to know that Jackie Christie loves to talk about her sex life (or just sex in general). Her comments are typically a combination of uncomfortable and hilarious, but no matter how it makes you feel, it's difficult to imagine the show without Jackie talking about her bedroom fantasies and husband's balls.

This season, Jackie seemed to have been even more obsessed with sex than ever before. Take a look back on some of the TMI moments she offered season five of Basketball Wives LA.

The key to telling if your man cheated? Check to see how full his balls are, according to Jackie.

Jackie left Tami and Reggie shook when she turned the conversation from sex to cousin humping.

Once you've mastered the ball status check, Jackie has a new lesson to detect cheating: squeeze your man's nipples.

When Malaysia got cuddly, Jackie took advantage of it.

She made sure everyone knew butt stuff wasn't her thing.

And insisted the Portuguese lifestyle was centered around sex.

She made her daughter mad uncomfortable when alluding to her and Doug's sex life.

Her parting gifts to the girls were dildos, and made sure to mention how much she uses hers.

Jackie was comedic gold this season without even trying. Are you gonna miss her shamelessly unfiltered self?