Six Seasons Later, Erica Mena Still Gets Teary-Eyed Over Rich Dollaz in this 'Love & Hip Hop: Dirty Little Secrets' Highlight

"Honestly Erica, I'm sorry. You should've had that record."

As beautiful and successful as she is today, Erica Mena can't help but still feel hurt Rich Dollaz played her by giving her record to Olivia all those years ago.

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In this Love & Hip Hop: Dirty Little Secrets highlight, we rewind to season two where we first saw the mena-cing Erica. From day one, the producers knew this firecracker was really a shining star and she even shot with Yandy the very same day she was introduced to Mona Scott-Young. Executive Producer Lauren Veteri recounts how quickly this franchise gained one of it's most entertaining cast members. Looking back to how she named dropped Fabolous and Chris Brown, Erica is very aware that her mouth does not stop moving. Upon their first meet, Yandy was wondering who Erica is and what she wants but honey, that was Mena hustling.

Remember when Rich Dollaz gave former cast member Olivia Longott Erica's song? Well, we know Erica flipped TF out but in a never-before-seen moment, she goes into the hallway and has a nervous breakdown. Producer Stephanie Gayle remembers Erica taking her stiletto to use as a hammer to put a nice expensive hole in the wall out of anger. That was therapy to Erica because she took a woo-sah break, walked back in and today, Rich recognizes he was a dick for that. Erica still gets teary-eyed reliving that scene because it was a pivotal point in her life. No one man should have all of that power ever again.

At least he's man enough to apologize. Chalk it up as a lesson learned. Don't miss part two of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion, Monday at 8/7!