VH1 Body-Ody-Ody Awards: And The Winners Are...

For the past week, we've asked VH1 viewers to join us in celebrating the fine figures of our fiercest females, and today, the results are in! We divided the voting into five categories: Abs, Butts, Legs, Boobs, and Overall Body (check out each poll to see the candidates), and to be honest, the results were surprising. With the exception of the winner of the Best Breasts category (we'll give you one guess who that is), you guys have an appreciation for what's real. Real butts, real curves, and ladies who put in serious gym time to achieve what they have. As you'll see, almost every winner has serious competition and pulled off their win in the final moments of voting --- On to the results!

[caption id="attachment_338827" align="alignnone" width="547"]Big Ang Big Ang[/caption]

Go BIG or go HOME! We love that you guys celebrate Big Ang for being herself, even if she's not 100% natural. She owns it and we all love her for that.

[caption id="attachment_338680" align="alignnone" width="615"]Hollywood Exes' Drea Kelly Hollywood Exes' Drea Kelly[/caption]

As a professional dancer, Hollywood Exes star Drea Kelly is fit, and she has a six pack to be jealous of.

Vote For The Best VH1 Abs

[caption id="attachment_336551" align="alignnone" width="615"]The booty, it's real. The booty, it's real. [/caption]

There is no speculation over whether Erica Dixon has had butt implants. She's all real, and the fact that she destroyed her competition in this category proves that you guys appreciate a little realness in your reality stars.

Vote For The Best Butt

[caption id="attachment_338890" align="alignnone" width="615"]Chrissy & Mr. Jones's Emily B. [Photo: Instagram] Chrissy & Mr. Jones's Emily B. [Photo: Instagram][/caption]

And finally, the category we were the most excited for, Best Body. We had a wide range of bodies in there; thick and thin, hourglass and athletic, and you guys chose Emily Bustamante as the winner. She's sexy, she's stylish, she owns that body, and she is our queen.

[Photos: Instagram/VH1]