Say Word! Is Young Bae the Original #PrisonBae? She Might Have Just Given Away Her Lockup Past in this 'Black Ink Crew' Bonus Clip

"Who the f---k are you?"

The crew's convinced Young Bae may have did a little time behind bars in this Black Ink Crew bonus clip after she blows up her own spot.

The strippers are gone and the crew is looking to have a calm day in Puerto Rico. Sky asks the gang who wants to play spades but when everyone raises their hands, she does a tally. If you ever skipped 4th period in high school to chill in the cafeteria, you'd know spades is a four person game. She asks who's been to jail to decide who gets to join and when Bae raises her hand everyone is shocked. She says she was just touching her hair but that sure did look like a raised hand to me. You've seen how Bae popped off on Tiffany Perez, so it wouldn't be a total shocker to learn Bae really is about that life.

If she has been locked before, raise your hand if you'd want to see Young Prison Bae's mugshots.

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