What Do You Think? Did Love & Hip Hop Atlanta''s Nikko Release The Sex Tape?

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is back and in good form. You already know that Ariane and Erica have their theories about how Mimi and Nikko's sex tape was released and you already know that Mimi feels a certain way about that.

Over the weekend while we were taking a run at the gym and rewatching Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, we were listening to what Nikko says to Mimi when we see them for the first time. Mimi says that Nikko allows her to do things she's never done before like be on camera and Nikko responds saying he wants to exploit (!!!) that. You can rewatch the season premiere here.

For reference:

So the question Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fans is: do you think Nikko's luggage and camera were really stolen or do you think he is really taking advantage and Mimi's playing dumb?

Vote below, let us know your thought in the comment and tune in for an all new Love & Hip Hop Atlanta tonight at 8 PM ET/PT.