Rick Ross on Firing Shots at Drake and Young Money: "Let's See How It Unfolds"

Were there even shots fired to begin with?

Many of us thought that Rick Ross was deliberately coming for Drake and Young Money via "Color Money" yesterday, but now, we can't be so sure.

Renzel sat down with The Breakfast Club this morning to talk about "Color Money." Charlamagne asked him right away whether or not he meant the track to be a shot at Drake. Renzel responded with this: "That record is what it is. A lot of different people are gonna interpret it in a lot of different ways. ... Let's see how it unfolds." NOTE: This answer could not have been more vague.

Like Charlamagne, I thought that "Color Money" was just a clever play on words when I first heard it. It wasn't as apparent to me as it was to some that Ross was firing shots at Drake by using Drizzy's lyrics, but as Ross said, people will interpret it differently. Ross did go on to say that he and Lil Wayne have zero beef—they were at a club together the other night and just did a remix. Ross does have a bone to pick with Birdman, though.

"I don't have [a relationship] with Birdman," Ross said. "Seeing what Lil Wayne's going through as an looking up to Lil Wayne...for me to see the way things are transpiring, I can't respect that and I don't respect that." Well that pretty much says it all, doesn't it?

Here's what's what: All is well with Ross and Wayne. Ross and Birdman have issues. Ross isn't beefing with Drake, but he's also not NOT beefing with Drake. As for the rest of us, we're just waiting to "see how it unfolds." Bless this mess, Beyonce.

Ross' Black Market album drops on Friday. Is this all a ploy to boost sales? Watch Renzel's Breakfast Club interview here and tell us what you think in the comments section.