Tom Hanks Reenacts All of His Films in Six Minutes and It Will Make Every Movie Lover Explode

The Oscar winner makes our lives complete by taking us through his filmography on <em>The Late Late Show</em>.

If Tom Hanks isn't your idol, he should be. He's not only a Hollywood icon, but a damn nice guy (why else would Forbes name him the Most Trustworthy Celebrity last year?). On The Late Late Show Monday, Hanks and host James Corden reenacted every single one of his movies in just 6.5 minutes. Trust when we say it's a skit that will make you experience EVERY FEEL ON EARTH.

Watch as Hanks takes us down memory lane with our favorite chick flicks (Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail), comedies (Bachelor Party and Big), classic dramas (Forrest Gump and The Green Mile), and 2013's Captain Phillips. You're day life is about to be made.

After watching this epic skit, you know your life mission is to party with Tom Hanks.

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