Why Does Nicki Minaj’s Left Nipple Keep Trying to Get out?

Nip slips: They happen to the best of us.

Have you ever had a dream that you were inexplicably naked in front of a group of people for no good reason? Well, in a way, that’s what keeps happening to Nicki Minaj’s nipples.

While on the Vancouver leg of her Pinkprint Tour yesterday, Nicki “suffered a nip slip on stage before quickly grabbing her left breast with her hand,” according to E!. While this is undoubtedly an embarrassing occurrence, Nicki seemed to handle it like a pro, possibly because she’s experienced this a few times already.

Back in February, her right nipple broke free, according to Hollywood Life. A couple of months before that, her left one slipped out while she was (ironically) talking about previous wardrobe malfunctions she had undergone. Then, in July, the left nip escaped again.

Something’s going on with Nicki’s nipples, particularly the left one. It just doesn’t want to stay put, but to be honest, that’s not abnormal. All adventurous women have nip slips — and if you haven’t yet, your day will come.

What matters is how you deal with it. Here’s one way Nicki might have dealt with hers.

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