Rasheeda Says That Because She and Kirk Are In a "Good Place" They Didn't Get As Much Screen Time This Season

"We’re in a good place they don’t wanna show a ton of us because we don’t have any drama and he’s not out here messing with b---hes."

Rasheeda has spent past seasons of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta arguing with K.Michelle and Karlie Redd and dealing with her husband Kirk's infidelity on national TV. Now the boss chick is cool as a cucumber, focusing on business more than music, and staying out of the drama. VH1 caught up with Rasheeda after the season five reunion to get her thoughts on the new format, find out why her and Kirk's presence on the show was less explosive, and find out whatever happened to Ashley Nicole and Kalenna Harper.

What did you think of the format of this year’s reunion? It was a little different.

Rasheeda Frost: It was different, yeah. I kinda figured it was gonna end up being something like that 'cause it was like so much thirsty, crazy ridiculous drama going on that it was probably gonna be pretty damn crazy tryna put everybody in a room together. So I guess they figured to do it the best way they could. [Laughs]

Were you relieved everybody wasn’t there all at once?

It didn’t really make me no difference, honestly. For the for the look of the show, yeah, because we don’t need another reunion that’s just ridiculous like we’ve had before. Super violent, super crazy, people not being able to control people, people coming after people, blindsided, and all of that. We ain’t need no more of that.

How did this season feel for you? I feel like you’ve been out of a lot of the drama.

There's just gotta come a time when you outgrow that. You don’t wanna be in the catty b.s. all the time about a whole bunch of s--t that's just dumb and don’t make no sense. I just don’t have time for it. My time is more valuable than a whole bunch of bulls—t so I choose to be with my family and try to better myself as a woman, and build my brand, and just continue to move forward. Be a little more, let’s say classy and [more of a] grown woman. [Laughs]

Was that something that you and Kirk had talked about in the off-season or something that you consciously went in, knowing that you didn’t want it to be that kind of season for you?

Oh, it wasn’t anything that we even discussed. It’s just where I’m at, as a woman, period. I feel like when you dedicate your time, you need to dedicate it to stuff that’s important, and a lot of times the drama and the other stuff that some of the other ladies be doing or be about, to me, is not worth my time.

Do you ever feel like some of your friends, like Karlie or Mimi, get stuck in a reality TV rut or get stuck trying to make good TV?

I know that those lines can get real blurred sometimes, between your reality and the reality TV, and I feel like women be out here doing what they feel like they need to do. I can’t judge nobody on it but I will say that there comes a point in time in a woman's life where they need to start making decisions.

Off-camera, do you give your friends advice about this kind of stuff? Like do you discuss with the ladies what they're showing on TV for the upcoming season?

We don’t really talk about it like that. The crazy part is like I’m busy and everybody’s busy, so we don’t really get to talk as much. I mean, Mimi always has a lot going on when it comes to her and Stevie and all of that type of stuff and Karlie’s all over the place, too. At the end of the day, I’m guessing they just doing them. I mean, they living out what they want the world to see, and hey, it is what it is.

This season followed your store and the business side of things. Are you still having issues with your staff?

I think anybody who owns a business, who employs employees, especially seven, eight, or nine employees that you know, it has its ups and downs. One minute everything is good, then the next minute, this person has this going on, this issue’s going on. I think it’s a work in progress, and I think that’s why when you go certain places you may not always see the same employees all the time. It’s a trial and error type of thing. When it comes to my family that is working with me, things have gotten better. We still have our issues, but I just think that’s part of life. Everything ain’t going to just be like the bomb all the time.

How did your mom become a more prominent role this season?

S--t, my momma is my momma, and she don’t hold her tongue and you know Love & Hip Hop love feistiness, so her feistiness definitely abled her to step up. She had a little more interaction with like, Momma Dee, and I think it really like kinda started with the whole nest situation, and it just kinda went from there. After that, and me trying to get her and Momma Dee on a good page [that] actually pulled her and Ernest together because he wanted to talk to her about his problems. It kind of happened for itself.

How is your relationship with Kirk? You guys seem like you’re in a good place from what we’ve seen on the show, but we haven’t seen a ton of just you guys.

Yeah, since we’re in a good place they don’t wanna show a ton of us because we don’t have any drama and he’s not out here messing with b---hes. [Laughs]

That’s a good thing. We need to tell those stories too.

Exactly. Unfortunately, y’all didn’t get to see some of the things that we do kind of [go] back and forth about. More of Kirk and I’s issues now are like business issues, we're really trying to build and grow and him always thinking I’m trying to jump the gun on s--t all the time but we’re in a good place as friends and as business partners.

It can be a little crazy but as far as our marriage I’m happy. You got your ups and downs and this s--t is not perfect and I said all the time, it’s tough. We we went through our rough patches and by prayer and just really working hard [we] was able to get past those things. I get a lot of people who say, "Oh, you with him 'cause of this and I can’t believe you took him back." That’s my husband and people make mistakes and he’s on the up and up, I’m very happy. We’re happy and it’s life, you go through s--t and when you get to situations sometimes you’re able to make it through it and sometimes you’re not. We were able to make it through it. So right now, the Frost family is on chill.

Does Kirk try to involve himself too much in your business sometimes?

No, he never not trusts me, but he will try to check me in certain situations like he’ll give me his full-fledged opinion and the break down and reasons why we should do or shouldn’t do something. He's really supportive you know, even with the store, it was a risk to take. There’s a lot of people with stores out here and you know being in Phipps Plaza, there’s a lot of overhead and it’s a lot that comes along with it that people don’t understand so I got where he was coming from, initially saying, "Let’s take our time." I wanted it fast and I think that waiting as long as we did was probably a really good thing. Him providing [insight] for me and really coming and saying, "Okay, this is what my wife really wants. Let me go head and make this happen for her." That shows a side of him that clearly shows that he’s super supportive. Some things we just don’t agree upon at all and that’s what happens when you have a partner and y'all are trying to make the right business decisions. Somethings that I think of us, is just too damn much, and he has to bring me down to reality and vice versa.

Do you think you guys will have any more children?

Oh lord, I don’t need no more children. [Laughs] I have a fifteen year old, and a two-year-old-about-to-be-three and my hands are full. Not to mention you know Kelsie’s son Caden. He’s three, and he’s with us all the time so him and Carter grow up together. And I have my stepson’s kids that are two and seven, so it’s enough. I don’t need to have no more myself.

Are you guys still on the fence about helping Kelsie with her music career?

No, we’ve actually been helping her get her songs done, and finish up the stuff that she’s trying to do. We had to tell her not to try to rush anything. Just take your time, get the music laid out, done, finalized and she’s been doing a couple of different things. From photo shoots and stuff like that so she’s getting everything geared together. It's kind of tough when you’re dealing with family like that and the younger kids they always think they know what they need to be doing and it needs to be right now but she’s starting to listen and we’re able to get things accomplished.

Oh, I have to ask, whatever happened to Kirk's client Ashley Nicole? Is she still signed with Kirk?

She’s a mere memory honey.

How about Kalenna? Were you guys ever able to reconnect?

I have not spoke to Kalenna. I’m not sure what she’s doing but whatever she is doing I wish her all the best.