Spoiler Alert: We’ve Got Some Predictions for Power‘s Season Three

It's about to get real.

If you’re an avid Power fan, the season finale probably left you with a few WTF moments. Let’s be honest: You probably went nuts watching all the scenarios unfold at once. You’re not alone.

Saturday’s season finale left so much to hope for. Are Ghost and Tommy really going their separate ways? What’s Tasha’s next move? Ugghh…the suspense is going to hurt, but we’re here to help.

Here’s what we know so far. Let the spoiler alerts begin.

  • Tasha’s boy-toy (Shawn) is dead and she thinks Ghost had something to do with it.
  • SURPRISE, Holly’s back with a vengeance. Now Tommy knows Ghost paid her to leave. She even brought the money back. Who does that btw?
  • Lobos wants to work with Tommy, and Tommy’s all in, except he’ll have to kill Ghost, according to Lobos. Don’t you lay hands on Ghost, Tommy!
  • Did you think Kanan was dead after the warehouse showdown with Ghost? Nope. Remember how the cops mention someone breaking out of the warehouse? Yup, you haven’t seen the last of the psycho-killer/hasbeen drug lord.
  • So now that we cleared that up, what can we expect for season three? We’ve got a few leads.

  • Kanan comes back a la Freddie Krueger, raising hell on everybody. He’ll convince Tasha to turn on Ghost (and Tommy) by insinuating that Ghost got Tommy to kill Shawn. Doesn’t help that Ghost is still with Angela, even after Tommy told Tasha she was out of the picture. Kanan needs all the allies he can get since Dre is rolling with Ghost. This plot line would be sick because we all know Tasha has been Ghost’s ride or die.
  • Ghost finds out that Tommy is Lobos’ new distributor, and that they’re working together to kill him. So what will Ghost do about it? Keep in mind that Ghost is partners with Tommy on all his legit businesses also. Maybe knocking off Tommy will actually be a real consideration this time around, especially since Dre is Ghost’s new soldier. With Kanan still lurking for the top spot, maybe Ghost can step back and let things play out.
  • Despite Ghost trying to start a clean life with Truth back under his belt, Angela’s career is on the rocks. Lobos will likely dodge the charges against him, plus Angela’s ex-boo is out for revenge. Maybe she’ll be able to get back on the right track by successfully flipping on Ghost. Who knows, maybe Tasha will even work with her for immunity. It wouldn’t be the first time she snitched…just sayin’.
  • Either way we’re rooting for Ghost. Tasha, too.

    What other scenarios do you think are likely? Let us know in the comments below.

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