WTF: Kristen Stewart Named Unsexiest Actress In Ridiculous Poll. Obviously They Didn’t See These 20 Hot Pics!

 What the hell? What the actual hell?  Despite being world-renowned as one of the most recognizable, highly paid, and hottest actresses in the known universe, a British men’s website has vote Kristen Stewart the “Least Sexiest Actress In Hollywood.”

  • kristen_stewart_1.jpg

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  • kristen_stewart_7.jpg

  • kristen_stewart_8.jpg

  • kristen_stewart_9.jpg

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  • kristen_stewart_11.jpg

  • kristen_stewart_12.jpg

  • kristen_stewart_13.jpg

  • kristen_stewart_14.jpg

  • kristen_stewart_15.jpg

  • kristen_stewart_16.jpg

  • kristen_stewart_17.jpg

  • kristen_stewart_18.jpg

  • kristen_stewart_19.jpg

  • kristen_stewart_20.jpg’s unsexy list is highly suspect, including the likes of former Bond-girl Denise Richards, Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kirsten Dunst. WTF, you guys? This is all really weird, considering the fact that she was just recently named one of the sexiest actresses in Tinsel Town by in December.

Despite that, the sexy tag is something that K-Stew has always felt weird about. “When I was being interviewed as 17-year old I was terrified someone could consider me sexy,” she admitted to the Daily Mail while promoting Snow White And The Huntsman last year. “I screamed, ’I’m not sexy! Shut up!’ It was unnatural and it was a hard subject to talk about.” Well we’ll talk about it for you, Kristen. Obviously the folks who took the MenKind poll didn’t see any of the super sexy photos in the gallery above! Like it or not K-Stew, you’re on our sexiest list for all time.

[Photo: Getty Images/Glamour/GQ]


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