Play Ball! The 10 Greatest Baseball Movies Of The ’90s

The ’90s gave us some pretty spectacular things, including the end of the Cold War, our little sister, Garth Brooks and email. These are all undoubtedly great things, but perhaps our favorite thing that the ’90s brought was a serious bumper crop of awesome baseball movies!

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We don’t know why, but it seemed like we got taken out to the ball game extremely often when we ventured to the movie theater during the Clinton-Era. And all the best ones (Little Big League, Rookie Of The Year, Angels In The Outfield, we could go on) seemed to directly involve kids. This lead to some ill-advised attempts to actually play ball ourselves and join little league.

After we got struck out by a T-ball stand a bunch of times, we went back to our basement to appreciate these awesome movies about the sport instead of actually trying ourselves. It was much less damaging to our self esteem. So with baseball’s opening day last Sunday, spring in the air and nostalgia in our hearts, we’ve decided to take a look back at our top 10 favorite baseball movies from the 1990s. Enjoy!

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