We Made Liberals Blind-Taste Test Donald Trump's Wine, and Their Responses Were Hilarious

"It tastes like a dream."

It's safe to say every liberal in 2016 hates Donald Trump. They dislike everything about him, from his toupée-like hair to the damn wall he thinks will solve every problem in America. But what happens when liberals find out they, in fact, don't despise everything about Trump? Answer: The world explodes. Fires spontaneously start in major cities. A Beyoncé album flops.

OK, it's not that extreme, but it is hilarious. We made liberals blind-taste Trump's branded wine--yes, he has wine--and give us their thoughts. Why wine? It is a universally-loved beverage, no matter what the label. We figured if liberals could love any Trump-ified product, it's his wine.

Their reactions to realizing it's Trump's nectar were priceless, but not enough to make them switch teams.

Watch it all go down in the video below, and go pick up some Trump wine--it's cheap! (Cheap wine > Trump hatred.)