Kendall Jenner Steps Out From Behind The Cameras; Plus: Tan Mom’s Porn Film

It’s a Kourtney! It’s a Khloe! No it’s Kendall Jenner. The sister who has watched her sisters work in front of the camera for years is ready to step out on her own. Noah Levy tells us that the Jenner is making a go as a fashion model. While many wrote her off initially, she wowed at a recent fashion event. She’s no catalog model, she’s the real deal. The Gossip Table thinks she’s going to go places. So watch out, fashion world!

New details emerge on Tan Mom’s porn career.

A few months ago we all learned that Tan Mom Patricia Krentcil was going to be featured in an adult film. Apparently joining the likes of Teen Mom Farrah Abraham. Rob Shuter reports that he and Marianne Garvey called the budding actress the night before to ask her about her new film. This is what they learned:

  • Krentcil was initially not aware she was going to be in a porn video.
  • According to the producers making the film, her appearance is strictly a cameo.
  • She is NOT performing an sex acts.
  • A limo reportedly was sent to pick her up to drive her to the shoot. She made it wait outside her house for an hour so she could make her neighbors think she was important.

And with that, The Gossip Table hopes you have a great weekend!