Free Spirits: The Best Cleavage Styles Of The ’70s Are Making A Comeback Today

  • Amy Adams Cleavage In American Hustle

  • Elizabeth Taylor Cleavage In Zee And Co

  • Pam Grier Cleavage In Foxy Brown

  • Beyonce Foxxy Cleopatra Cleavage

  • Lynda Carter Wonder Woman

  • Laura Prepon That 70’s Show Wonder Woman

  • Brigitte Bardot The Bear And The Doll

  • Julianne Moore Amber Waves Boogie Night Cleavage

  • Linda Lovelace Deepthroat

  • Amanda Seyfried Lovelace

  • Charlie’s Angels Cleavage 70s

  • Drew Barrymore Boobs Charlie’s Angels New

  • Donna Summer in Thank God It’s Friday

  • Salma Hayek Studio 54 Boobs

  • Penelope Cruz Blow Cleavage

  • Jane Birkin in Don Juan (Or If Don Juan Was A Woman)

  • Jane Seymour in Live and Let Die

  • Barbara Bach in The Spy Who Loved Me Cleavage

  • Bo Derek Cleavage In Gold Bikini 10

  • American Hustle Jennifer Lawrence

Let’s not mince words here. American Hustle, more than anything, was a foray into the many and varied ways into which Amy Adams’ cleavage could be exposed. From spangly dresses with plunging necklines to the more humble wrap around dress, Adams’ greatest assets were consistently and brazenly on display. Not that anyone is complaining.

Now that we have the benefit of hindsight, we can finally appreciate how special ’70s cleavage truly was. For whatever reason, the ’70s were the era in which cleavage really shined. Forget the shoulder-padded ’80s or the Baywatch baboon’ ’90s — the era of T&A was truly the ’70s (which is weird because “8” seems to denote boob more than “7”). From buxom babes like Brigitte Bardot to the most ultimate in Bond vixens, from the original Linda Lovelace and Charlie’s Angels, the ’70s is where the boob truly prospered.

In celebration of the golden era of the décolletage, we’re taking a look at the best ’70s style cleavages, both from the films of the ’70s and from films depicting the 70s — this is all about the style. From the big and the bouncy to the small and the perky, ’70s style cleavage is about letting it all almost hang out.