OUCH! The Most Painful Rejections In Movie History

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No one likes getting rejected. Sometimes it comes in the form of a giant bruise to the ego, and sometimes it comes as a giant punch to the heart. But no matter how the breakup goes down, one thing is for certain – it totally, completely sucks. Maybe you’re going through a breakup yourself, or maybe you’re in a completely functional relationship (we’re totally happy for you, just don’t rub it in) – either way, we’ve selected the most hilarious and embarrassing (and heart-wrenching) rejections for your viewing pleasure. With one delicate click to our gallery, you’ll find The Best Movie Rejections – including that infamous time when Jason Segel gets kicked to the curb in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and he’s butt naked. Totally tragic. We cried for you man. And then we laughed. Yeah, we laughed a lot.

And so little lovers, it’s time to stop feeling sorry for the heartaches of a breakup and to finally embrace the scars. They can be beautiful. And if they’re not… well, maybe they can be hilarious.

Oh, and for all you single people out there, no fear – VH1 wants to be your Valentine!!