Tonsil Hockey Gone Wrong: The Most Cringe-Worthy On-Screen Kisses

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day week, so it’s only fitting we address that smoochy-smooch behavior we all love. Now, kissing is a personalized act. Everyone has a trademark technique – be it a unique pout, a nibble, or maybe a full-on bite for you vampires out there. But no matter what your style of choice, we all know the cardinal rule – no sloppy, saliva heavy-snogging. It just isn’t done. Well, it is done, but it’s not encouraged. This brings me to my next point: horrifying kisses. We’ve all been there, we’ve all had them, and we’ve all hated them. Nonetheless, they make for great stories – and it just so happens, they make for great TV. Below is a list of the Most Awkward On-Screen Kisses We’ve Ever Seen. So go grab some Chapstick, a tissue box for when you cry of laughter, and see if you agree with our selection.

1. A Virgin Couple Share Their First Kiss On TLC’s Virgin Diaries

Where’s the prime snogging? [00:2o]

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