First Dibs: Was Star Trek‘s Chris Pine Drunk Driving Around New Zealand?

Why is Juan Pablo Galavis furious with Bachelor producers? Who’s going to play Dr. Doom in The Fantastic Four? Shailene Woodley has made out with all of the lead actors in Divergent–so who’s the best kisser?

  • Chris Pine has been charged with drunk driving in New Zealand. The Star Trek star was celebrating the wrap of Z for Zachariah at a local bar with his girlfriend, Iris Bjork Johannesdottir, and decided to drive home at 2:30 am after downing a few beers. [People]
  • Former Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis is furious with ABC producers. A source says that “Juan said they gave him no privacy and wanted to know too much about his personal life and what he was doing all the time,” which would be very invasive of the show’s producers if The Bachelor wasn’t a reality show about a wealthily single man finding a wife. [US Magazine]
  • We know that Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell are poised to suit up as the Fantastic four, but who’s going to be their nemesis: Dr. Doom? Domhnall Gleeson, Toby Kebbell, Eddie Redmayne and Sam Riley are final four in contention for the part. [Coming Soon]
  • Shailene Woodley gets to lock lips with Theo James in Divergent, but she’s also made out with the film’s other male leads, Ansel Elgort and Miles Teller, in other films. Woodley declined to say who was the best kisser because “they’re all great kissers.” [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]