Keep It Clean…Shaven! Celebrities Who Tried Rocking Mustaches, But Failed

When it comes to fashion, male celebrities don’t have a lot of options. Sure, they can spice up their ensemble with some brightly colored argyle socks, or maybe even a tasteful skinny tie – but the fun ends there. Or so we thought. In recent years, we’ve been noticing a lot of  handsome men sporting not-so-handsome looks – and it’s thanks to the facial hair frenzy.
The stylings of the stache are complex and varied – there’s the “handlebar” look, the “horseman” and even the  thinly-grown “pencil.” But just because these looks have fancy, interesting names, doesn’t mean they look good on anyone. Stars far and wide have tried their hand at flashing the hairy facial accessory, but time and time again they fail. From silver fox, George Clooney to Fresh Prince stud, Will Smith, no man has seen victory in the face of…a face of facial hair. But don’t take our word for it. Come check out the gallery of Celebrities Who Tried Rockin’ Mustaches, But Failed and see if you agree with these hairy picks.