10 Failed Faux Friends Shows

May 6th marks the ten-year anniversary of the Friends series finale. That night, over 52 million people tuned in to find out how it would all end. Would Ross finally get together with Rachel? Would female characters ever stop moving to Paris when their shows drew to a close? Who actually lived in Rachel and Monica’s apartment? Would coffee ever taste the same again? While we got most of those answers, we were left with a bitter taste in our mouths. Our best friends of the past 10 years left us feeling lonely. Knowing it was time for us to change the channel, the networks rushed to fill the void. NBC tossed out a few post-Friends options that failed to capture our hearts while ABC, FOX and CBS attempted to mix up the template with a few different offerings. Sadly most of them failed (and failed badly). While How I Met Your Mother managed to soar for nine years, the faux Friends on this list did not.

In alpha-order:

1. Coupling
Starring Colin Ferguson (Eureka), Jay Harrington (Better Off Ted), Lindsay Price (Gals on the Town) and Sonya Walger (Lost), Coupling was about the dating and sexual adventures of six thirtysomething friends. The show was shoehorned in during Friends ninth season in anticipation of the show’s ending but Coupling didn’t make it past November sweeps. The show, which was a remake of the BBC series, suffered from bad acting, too faithful of an adaptation—including nearly identical scripts—and too much network interference. Besides, we had just spent 10 years watching six friends in their thirties sleeping and dating each other. #TooSoon

2. Don’t Trust the B— in Apartment 23/Friends with Better Lives

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