Last Lap: Is Jarvis Prepared For A Big Bang?

Was Tyra Banks rejected by Victoria’s Secret? Bryan Cranston needs to brush up on his slang, and Nashville’s Clare Bowen only misses one thing about having left Australia to live in the United States.

  • Comedy Bang! Bang!’s Scott Aukerman joins Jarvis on his home turf — and it looks like our host is in for some comedic surprises! Tune in tomorrow at noon to catch the latest episode of Jarvis In The Elevator, only on
  • With Australian actress Clare Bowen currently living in the U.S. to film the TV show Nashville, what does she miss the most about her native country? Nick Lachey finds out while interviewing her on Big Morning Buzz Live.
  • Tyra Banks reportedly suggested to Victoria’s Secret that they let her appear in their annual televised fashion show. Apparently, the former supermodel was turned away, being told that fans only want to see the new crop of Angels, as opposed to the “veterans.” Uh, don’t they realize Tyra’s still hot? [Daily Mail]
  • During an appearance on The Tonight Show, Bryan Cranston flubbed the pronunciation of a popular slang term. Which word did he end up getting wrong? [MTV News]