VH1 Vintage: Tyra Banks Had A Lot To Say About Kim Kardashian’s Last Wedding Dress

In just over 48 hours, our lives will be changed forever. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are getting married, y’all! Between a star-studded guest list to a potential performance from Lana Del Rey, the happy couple’s European nuptials should be more entertaining than Sharknado after two bottles of wine or binge-reading Cher’s Twitter feed. But remember the last time Kim walked down the aisle?

The 2011 wedding of Kim and Kris Humphries was transformed into a reality television spectacle intended to rival that of royal newlyweds William and Kate. Little did we know, but Kris Jenner has been petitioning for an American monarchy system for years. Watching Kim fawn over a professional basketball player even casual sports fans only had limited knowledge of at the time is funny in retrospect; it’s hard to imagine this family being anything but connected to a high-profile roster of friends and family. Kim has certainly traded up, but her engagement ring from Kris was nothing to sneeze at. As for the dress, Tyra Banks offered her opinion during a red carpet interview at the 2011 VH1 Do Something Awards prior to the big day. Kim may be exclusively seeking the approval of Riccardo Tisci now, but just three years ago, Tyra’s opinion was all that mattered. In honor of Throwback Thursday, see her gush about what a great person Kris is, and count how long it takes before Tyra throws some subtle shade Kim’s way. Always speaking the truth, that one.

While we speculate as to who and what the bridal party will be wearing this weekend, let’s not forget that Kanye is the one who will be dressing to impress the most. Check out an interview from all the way back in 2005, where the Late Registration rapper discusses his penchant for making fashion history.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]