Bob’s Burgers Season 5 Will Feature a Titanic Moment and Lots of Holiday Cheer

At New York Comic Con, the cast behind Bob’s Burgers — including H. Jon Benjamin (Bob), John Roberts (Linda), Kristen Schaal (Louise), Eugene Mirman (Gene), and creator Loren Bouchard — celebrated the success of the show and its recent Best Animated Series Emmy win by treating fans to several secrets from the show’s upcoming episodes. Among the highlights to look out for in season five: Bob’s dad, Linda’s major makeover, and the promise of a soundtrack.

Here are more details about what we know so far:

Fans will finally meet Bob’s father

While the show has slowly fleshed out several members of the extended family, the one person fans have yet to see is Bob’s estranged dad. This season, he’ll finally make an appearance during the show’s Christmas episode, which will feature two flashbacks telling the story of their troubled relationship. “It’s the holidays and Linda wants to bring them back together,” Roberts says of the storyline.

While fans will have to wait until a bit long for the reunion, it won’t involve Bill Murray, whom the show hoped to get to voice the character. “Loren and I left a voicemail message on Bill Murray’s answering service and that went nowhere,” Schaal recalls. Instead, the character will be voiced by former Saturday Night Live star Bill Hader.

There are plenty of holiday antics

In addition to the Christmas episode, this season of Bob’s will also include Halloween and Thanksgiving-centric episodes. In the tradition of the show, both episodes will see the family struggle to make it through those holidays. Bouchard reveals that Tina, who is the author of her own erotic zombie fan fiction, will fall in love with a ghost during the Halloween episode. And during Thanksgiving, in a Hitchcockian twist, the family will find itself overrun by turkeys.

Linda gets a makeover

Clips from an upcoming episode the panel previewed show Linda exploring her Marilyn Monroe side. The burger matriarch goes blonde following a hair highlighting session gone terribly wrong. However, being that it’s Linda, she embraces the new ’do and even tries on a few new personas much to Bob’s chagrin.

There’s a Titanic moment

Without giving too much away, Bob will find himself in a similar situation as Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) when he was tasked with drawing Rose (Kate Winslet). And it doesn’t involve Linda.

The soundtrack is coming — seriously

One of the best developments of the series has been the inclusion of more original music that has intricately made its way into the story lines over the past four seasons. The music has included everything from Linda’s murder mystery dinner theater to Gene’s Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl musical. The latter even featured Carly Simon providing vocals to the end credits of the show.

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