Archer to Re-Reboot and 25 Spoilers for Season 6

After breaking away from the original concept to explore a world of drug cartels and ‘80s references in season five, FX’s Archer returns to the spy game when the show comes back in January. During a panel at New York Comic Con, it became evidently clear that Vice is very much in the past — though the departure did earn the series its first Best Animated Series Emmy nomination — when FX screened the first episode. The cast also shared some spoilers that made us antsy for the return of the series.

1. No more ISIS — for obvious news-related reasons
2. Cyril Figgis wants a role in the parenting of Abigene
3. The lack of cocaine means the return of Pam’s full figure
4. A reference to Brett Bunsen in the first episode (RIP, Brett)
5. Milton the toaster
6. Christian Slater returns as Slater and he will cause problems for Archer (He’s very well drawn,” the real Slater says of his character)

7. Ray Gillette piloting a plane over Area 51
8. Possibly, maybe more injuries for Ray Gillette
9. Not surprising, Cheryl Tunt grows increasingly more insane this season
10. Cherlene’s music career will be addressed while left behind

11. A visual gag involving Luke Skywalker
12. Lana Kane will struggle finding an appropriate babysitter
13. Holograms
14. There will be a very special bottle episode with the cast trapped inside an elevator
15. Barry’s back
16. DVD spoiler: Pam sings “Old MacDonald” to Abigene

17. Only Lucky Yates knows if Dr. Algernop Krieger is a clone or not — but don’t expect any reveal before episode eight
18. Plenty of bad parenting
19. Pam returns to Poovey Farms
20. We get to meet her sister Edie (voiced by Fargo’s Allison Tolman)
21. She’s very much the opposite of Pam — and they hate each other
22. The premiere is “an animated apology to Japan” says H. Jon Benjamin
23. A Brazilian wax in the shape of a lightning bolt
24. Team Prieger
25. Tom Selleck — no, just kidding but the show’s producers do want him to guest star

Archer returns in January while Archer Vice will be available on DVD on January 6 and Cherlene’s country music album is available on iTunes now.

[Photos: FX]