Gwyneth Paltrow and Martha Stewart’s Frenemy Timeline

Once upon a time, Gwyneth Paltrow and Martha Stewart were gal pals. (We promise! Look at the photo above, from 2011.) But now, where there once was friendship, all that remains is shade. Ever since Paltrow’s lifestyle brand goop started gaining momentum, Stewart — arguably the queen of lifestyle — hasn’t been pleased. Is it possible Stewart feels her old friend is barking up her territory (and might even be jealous)?

All oven mitts are off when it comes to these two Hollywood titans. Let’s take a stroll through the blonde duo’s friendship — if you can call it that — and figure out just where it all went wrong.

Pre-Fall 2013: The Honeymoon Stage

Before the first shots were fired, Paltrow and Stewart had your standard Hollywood friendship. In the aforementioned photo, the two looked pretty chummy at a party for Paltrow’s 2011 cookbook My Father’s Daughter. The Shakespeare in Love actress isn’t shy to high-profile friendships; she’s been spotted toying around with Madonna and Beyoncé among others. It is only fitting she set her prospects on the one-woman empire that is Stewart.

Fall 2013: Let’s Get Ready To Rumble! 

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