American Honey Has Hair-Raising Cocktails for Your Halloweekend

American Honey Wild Turkey Bourbon has spooktacular cocktails that will get you in the Halloween spirit. With the blend of smooth honey in each taste, these will surely be your new favorite holiday treats. If you’re in the NYC area, live on the wild side and enjoy these cocktails at Harlem Tavern, whose beverage director helped create the creepy concoctions. This is so much better than trick or treating.

Below are the tasty treats, what you need and how to whip them up.

Trick or Treat (pictured above)

3/4 oz. American Honey
1/4 oz. 79 Gold Caramel Spirit
Whipped Cream

Pour the American Honey into a shot glass. In a shaker with two ice cubes, combine whipped cream with a few drops of orange food coloring until you get the desired color. Shake a few times, just enough to combine the food die with the whipped cream. Pour the orange whipped cream on top of American Honey. Top shot with a fresh dollop of whipped cream.

Vampire’s Venom

3/4 oz. American Honey
1/2 oz. SKYY Infusions® Vanilla Bean
1/4 oz. grenadine

Shake all ingredients well over ice. Strain into a shot glass.


1 oz. American Honey
1/2 oz. Art In The Age™ SNAP
1/2 oz. Combier® Peche de Vigne

Combine all ingredients over ice in a shaker. Shake well and strain into a shot glass (use glass only). Top with a splash of American Honey. Using a candle lighter, hold the flame directly over the shot glass until it ignites. Blow out the flame before taking a drink. Be careful, the glass will be hot!

[Photo Credit: American Honey]

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