15 Seth Cohen GIFs That Will Keep You Warm This Chrismukkah

Whether it was watching him play with his BFF Captain Oats or that Spider-Man kiss in the rainThe O.C.’s Seth Cohen was always sexy. Chrismukkah is coming, so it’s time to reminisce about our love for TV’s most perfect boyfriend.

In addition to a holiday only a quirky rich kid from Newport Beach could invent, today is Adam Brody’s 35th birthday. Naturally, we want to ring in these important days old-school style, by paying tribute to our favorite character on the show. (Sorry, Ryan Atwood.) Check out some O.C. moments that will melt your heart, below.

From day one, we knew only a real man would be this open about being a geek. No shame, baby.

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The O.C. started off all about Ryan, but quickly became all about Seth (as it should be).

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We loved him right away because of our similar taste in fine cuisine.

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How can you resist that adorkable face?

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Kissing on a pinky promise? COME ON.

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Sometimes, he took the words right out of our mouths.

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Don’t let the nerd fool you: Cohen is one slick dog.

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Yet still undeniably quirky.

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Who else can pull off those festive vests?

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Under that shy exterior was a sassy, sassy man.

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And we loved everything about him.

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Rock that white boy dance, Cohen.

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His bare chest provided arguably the best scene of the series.

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But don’t forget about Seth and Summer’s Spider-Man moment.

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Merry Chrismukkah, Seth Cohen. And please come back into our lives ASAP.

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Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.