Throwback Photos of Dakota Johnson and Mom Melanie Griffith

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Before they fought over 50 Shades of Grey on the Oscar’s red carpetMelanie Griffith and Dakota Johnson were the coolest mother-daughter pair at nearly every Hollywood event. With Dakota blowing up the box office for her role as Anastasia Steele, you would have thought Melanie would be proud to watch her daughter’s big break. But when she revealed on Sunday that she didn’t want to see it, Dakota snapped back. What happened to you two?!

Dakota later poked fun at the argument in the promos for her hosting gig on Saturday Night Live this weekend. So while we cross our fingers that Melanie gives in to Dakota’s begging and finally sees the flick — they at least spoof themselves on tonight’s show — check out some of the sweetest throwbacks of the two on red carpets over the years.

Watch the mother-daughter duo’s Oscar night spat.