Tami Roman Shuts It Down And Rightfully Takes Her Title As The True Reality Star OG

"...not many people can say they’ve had the longevity that I’ve had and I’ve been in the business. "

The evolution of Tami Roman.

Since her appearance on the second season of Real World back in 1993, Tami Roman has been a reality television star that is extremely hard to forget.

From wiring her mouth shut to allowing the cameras to capture the journey of one of the first televised abortions in the '90s, to her infamous fight with Evelyn Lozada and being called a "bully" on Basketball Wives, Tami Akbar turned Roman, has proved she will always be a "motherf--king factor."

Hear firsthand about Tami's journey: the misconceptions that have followed her, the confidence she's had to exude, the factors that continue to be motivation, and most importantly the successes she still hopes to accomplish.

While reality stars are now a dime a dozen, and many have come after her--there will always be just one Tami Roman.