Why the Women of 'White Men Can't Jump' Were the Real MVPs

Billy and Sidney may have been the ballers, but Gloria and Rhonda were the shot-callers!

-By Soraya Joseph

When it comes to the 1992 classic, White Men Can't Jump, Billy Hoyle and Sidney Deane may have been the ballers, but there is no doubt that their women were the shot-callers!

It's been over 25 years since the release of the Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes hoops classic, White Men Can't Jump, and it's still the talk of Tinseltown. So much so that LA Clippers star Blake Griffin is teaming up with Black-ish creator Kenya Barris for a possible reboot of the movie.

However, while news of a remake got fans reminiscing on streetball hustlers Billy and Sidney, we couldn't help but to remember their leading ladies who kept them on their toes and bailed them out on more than one occasion. Gloria and Rhonda (played by actresses Rosie Perez and Tyra Ferrell, respectively), were the heart behind Billy and Sidney's polar-opposite hustles.

Gloria Clemente was Billy's ride-or-die chick who had both beauty and brains. She was on the run with Billy cross-country after his gambling debt made him hot with a group of notorious mobsters. Despite the fact that Gloria was more into an honest way of living, she stuck by Billy's side the whole time he scammed his way on the courts.

Gloria would often be Billy's voice of reason, even if her words fell on deaf ears. Who can forget when she made him hip to being double-crossed by his own partner? Or when she finally lived out her dream of making it to (and winning) Jeopardy, she went half on her coins with bae.

Unfortunately, as the saying goes, good girls don't go bad, they just get gone. Eventually Billy's gambling obsession lead Gloria to leave. However, we're sure Gloria's time in his life was as much a lesson as it was a blessing.

And who can forget about Mrs. Deane? The ever so lovely class act Rhonda Deane, wife of Sidney Deane. Played by actress Tyra Ferrell, Rhonda was constantly managing Sidney's moves, making sure that he worked both hard and smart. Since Sidney preferred Rhonda not to work, Sidney had a couple jobs outside of hustling on the courts, with the ultimate goal being to move his wife and child out of Crenshaw.

Rhonda held down the home front, and made sure that Sidney always kept his eye on the prize. After some trouble between the Billy and Sidney, Rhonda and Gloria had to have their own 1-1 as women, to convince their men to team up for a worthwhile two-on-two tournament. And when things got really tough, Rhonda was quick to convince Sidney why she should have a job too, so they could both get more money together.

Now those are some bosses. Like they say, beside every smart man, is an even smarter woman. And every king needs his queen to hold him down.

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