Sneak Peek: All of the Drama with Friends and the Struggles of Her Career are Making Anais Physically Sick

"Look at me, a star, doing laundry."

You never know what people are really going through, and it's been a while since we've heard from Anais.

Anais Martinez is in full mommy-mode in the Love & Hip Hop sneak peek—she has no time for the drama. (Oh, hey Jonathan! Hi, Juju!) As a mother of a two sons, Anais has a lot on her plate being that Diamond has autism and King is basically Anais in surround sound. "With all the stress at home, it's impossible to deal with anything else," and her husband Ruben isn't being as supportive as Anais would like. The kids need discipline and Anais is fed up.

"It's no secret I'm struggling out here in this music business," Anais says fearing that the older she gets, the less likely her career would take off. The stress is so overwhelming, Anais feels physically sick from time-to-time. Being a star has been a dream 15 years in the making and while understanding from her family, friends, and fans would be appreciated, she just needs Ruben to recognize and help with her efforts first.

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