Bambi Posted The Sweetest Message About Her Love For Scrappy's Daughter Emani

"I just love her so much and enjoy every second with her."

Bambi Benson (a.k.a Mrs. Darryl Richardson) may be relatively new to this step-mother role, but she's been showing her love for Scrappy and Erica Dixon's daughter Emani for years.

Now that she and Scrappy are married, she has taken her love for her stepdaughter to new heights, by posting how much Emani means to her in a loving Instagram post. After Bambi and Scrappy gifted Emani some Christmas gifts, Bambi captured Emani's grateful reaction on camera and wrote the following note about the young woman.

This is my lil Baby for life ... I’ve watched her blossom into a young lady and it’s so amazing. She’s so sweet, respectful and compassionate and I constantly remind her to hold on to those things in this world full of people who lack those simple but important qualities. We have a lot of fun, but I am constantly teaching her how to be a lady who is loving, non confrontational, and strong. This video is so cute because of all of the fancy gifts we gave her, she was so moved by something as simple as a little makeup station in her bathroom. @fentybeauty @badgalriri make the Girls light up ? But anyway ... I just love her so much and enjoy every second with her ?

Earlier this year, Bambi also partied with her former foe, Scrappy's ex, Erica Dixon. We're so happy that this family is not just co-existing but thriving these days.

So adorable.