Was Angel Love Doing The Most NOT To Accept Duffey's Apology?

"F--- your apology. Seriously."

Remember the time that Duffey insinuated that Angel Love was a video girl? Duffey went so far as to say Angel's past is the reason she can't put a ring on it. No matter how you slice it, there's a definite reputation that comes with the video girl label, and Angel Love didn't appreciate being called one. While Duffey claims she apologized immediately for calling out Angel's past work, Angel Love holds fast that she will NOT accept it on the Basketball Wives LA reunion.

"I was wrong about the video thing, I apologized to her that day," Duffey began to explain in this highlight from the special.

"I don't really accept your apology," Angel tells her, dead serious. (Cut to Tami Roman, stifling the world's most delighted look on her face that Angel has moved over to her team.) "I think it's not sincere, it's not genuine." After more back and forth and a shout out to Amber Rose, Duffey explains "You was my friend when the show aired," which explains why she seems taken aback by Angel's defensive and harsh response to her apology. Is Angel doing too much for the show, or has she really had it with Duffey?

More importantly, will she tag in during Duffey and Tami's boxing match?