Jessie Ware "Touches Wood" Backstage Before Webster Hall Show

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Backstage of NYC's Webster Hall is a dressing room with a pole that amuses Jessie Ware. "In this dressing room you have a pole. I don't know what it's going to be used for, but I love that it's there," she says.

On the other side of the venue her dressing room is a little less stripperish. A backstage tour with April's You Oughta Know artist is anything but normal. There's the quick glimpses of sound check, the stairs with fluorescent arrows so she doesn't fall. "That's my biggest fear, that I'm gonna fall over...thank God for the fluorescent lighting." Jessie's whimsical. Her keen eye notices everything. Upon entering an area for after-parties, Jessie dressed in a black crop top with trousers mentions, "It looks like Pharoah's night club." There's a disco ball, which she loves. "I'm obsessed with disco balls. I want them everywhere."

See? Not your normal backstage tour prior to rocking out a show that the good folks at MTV livestreamed last Friday. Luckily Jessie's biggest fear didn't come true that night. Probably due to her "touch(ing) wood" aka America's "knock on wood."

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