Joe Budden Gets Emotional Discussing His Relationship With His Teenaged Son

"My issue is my relationship with my child. It's non-existent."

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In this emotional highlight of Couple's Therapy With Dr. Jenn, a very different side of Joe Budden comes out. Although he feels he didn't have a traumatic childhood and doesn't hold feelings of resentment or abandonment towards his parents, he reveals his 14-year-old son holds those feelings for him. (We were shocked enough to learn Joe was a dad in the first place!) Although Joe wasn't emotional sharing his experience in the group, he became extremely emotional as he listened to Kaylin Garcia, Janice Dickinson, Neil Murphy, Carmen Carrera,and Scott Stapp discuss their traumatic childhood experiences.

Joe is very honest with himself about the situation and what exactly the problem is, but it doesn't make it less hurtful. Hopefully Joe will be able to repair his relationship with his son.

Watch Joe's revelation now and catch the next all new episode of Couple's Therapy, Wednesday December 2nd at 10/9c!