Tiffany Haddish Tests TIP and Kid Ink's Strip Club IQ on 'Hip Hop Squares'

Rappers are supposed to know these things, right?

On last night's episode of Hip Hop Squares, TIP and Kid Ink put their past strip club experiences to good use. After telling comedian Tiffany Haddish to make it rain, host DeRay Davis asks the king of the South to guess how much money was thrown.

TIP, of course, gives the most TIP answer. "First of all I would like to point out the financially irresponsibility that we are displaying right here," he states. Then the rapper gives some smart advice to all of the strip club noobs out there. "Nobody throws twenties in the club," TIP says. That's not even the way it goes. Had they been ones I'd have a clear answer."

Kid Ink, one of the contestants on the show, has to either agree or disagree with the answer TIP gives.

Watch the highlight clip above and see if these experts in adult entertainment are correct about the amount of money thrown?

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