Drake and Nicki Minaj: Lyrical References That 'Prove' These Two Belong Together

Before there was Drake and Rihanna, there was Drake and Nicki Minaj -so Barbs and Drake stans would like to believe. Since becoming a part of Young Money, we’ve heard Drizzy profess his admiration for Nicki and her ass(ets) on songs, and seen them get flirty on and off stage.

Although she’s emphasized that Drake is like her brother, we often wonder what love between these two would look like. We got a little taste when Drake played her love interest in “Moment 4 Life” video, and don't forget the infamous photo of Nicki straddling the Toronto rapper during her set at this year’s Hot 97’s Summer Jam. But she really set Instagram on fire when she posted photos of her giving Drake a lap dance as teasers for her new video “Anaconda.” The silhouette screams yesss lawd. Label mates aside, we think these two would make a super cute couple.

Here’s our glossary of lyrical exchanges that prove these two are meant to be!

1. Drake ft. Nicki Minaj “Up All Night” (2010)

“If Drizzy say get her, I’ma get her/I got the kind of money make a broke b-tch bitter” (Nicki Minaj)

We all know Nicki is down to ride, and this lyric proves the extent to which she’s willing to ride for Drake.

2. Drake “Miss Me” (2010)

[caption id="attachment_298205" align="alignnone" width="615"]2 [Photo: Getty Images][/caption]I love Nicki Minaj/I told her I'd admit it/I hope one day we get married just to say we f-cking did it/ And girl I'm f-cking serious/ I'm with it if you with it/’cause your verses turn me on and your pants are mighty fitted” (Drake)

Drake has always very candid about his admiration for Nicki and her assets. So when they made the marriage announcement on Twitter, we all screamed with joy...until we found out they were joking. Although Drake said in an interview, he would really marry her. One could only dream.

3. Nicki Minaj ft. Drake “Moment 4 Life” (2010)

[caption id="attachment_298206" align="alignnone" width="615"]3 [Photo: Young Money][/caption]“These other rappers getting bodied and carried away/F-ck it me and Nicki Nick getting married today/And now you b-tches that be hatin can catch the bouquet, oww/Yeah you star in my eyes/You and all them white girls, party of five” (Drake)

Not only did Drake play her love interest, they kissed and got married at the end of the video. This could definitely count as practice for the real altar if they ever decided to go that route. We don’t mind officiating!

4. Drake ft. Nicki Minaj “Make Me Proud” (2011)

“Gotta r-r-row, gotta row ya boat/It’s Pink Friday Records and OVO” (Nicki Minaj)

They’re a powerhouse on their own and a powerhouse on collaborations. Nicki knows and recognizes it! It’s just a matter of time before it is official.

5. Drake “Tuscan Leather” (2013)

“Not even talkin’ to Nicki, communication is breakin’/I dropped the ball on some personal sh-t, I need to embrace it/I need I’m honest, I make mistakes, I’d be the second to admit it/Think that’s why I need her in my life to check me when I’m trippin” (Drake)

There are ups and downs in any relationship, and this reference is the perfect example. Despite the communication snafu that may have happened, Drake understands the huge role Nicki plays in life.

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