Declare Independence! The Hottest VH1 Women Who Don't Need A Man To Hold Them Down

Sky July 4

Tami July 4

Tiffney July 4

Malaysia July 4

Alicia July 4

Tahiry July 4

Erica Dixon July 4

KMichelle July 4

Karlie July 4

Micka Lawrence July 4

Drea Kelly July4

Momma Dee July 4

shay july 4

Tara July 4

Love and marriage are an integral part of reality TV, but not everyone on Love & Hip Hop is in love, and not every Basketball Wives star is a wife. On Independence Day, we're getting in the spirit of things and celebrating the women on our shows who are fiercely single, owning their independence, and showing the world what it looks like to be a boss. Malaysia Pargo of Basketball Wives LA may be newly divorced, but she's got her life and her family under control. Tiffney Cambridge was with The Game for nine years and broke off her engagement, and Marrying The Game shows her journey on a new path as a single, sexy woman putting herself back out there. And some women, like Black Ink Crew's Sky are born to be free spirits. Check out our complete list of the fiercest, most gorgeous independent women on your TV screens now!